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Z czym łączyć kolor beżowy/camelowy?

Camelowy płaszcz, czy bardziej tradycyjnie - beżowy, kojarzy się nam raczej z nudnym kolorem. Podobnie oceniamy czarny, szary czy brązowy. Jednak przy odpowiednim połączeniu może dawać nam bardzo ciekawą stylizację. 

moda uliczna w klimacie boho

That's another boho look in "light" version. Beautiful pashmina scarf in autumn colours match genious to basic clothes. This pattern give life and character to this outfit. Also like a big bag in trendy colour. Hat is for everyone. It adds some kind of nonchalance and charm.

cała na czarno

All black everything look is simple and convenient. Both current trends : makeup and clothes is follow in simplicity. Just like this!

new in vol.3

Long time there was here no posts about my shopping news. So today i'm coming with NEW IN vol.3!

styl skateboardera (outfit zrobił mój chłopak!)

Today's post is completely different, than any that you can find on my blog. This time - sport! Skateboarding was always my one big mystery. Specialy for you, I decided to learn it! Now, I maybe do not the best, because in fact, it is not easy. I hope that over time it will come out better and better and will not be any falls that I have already passed ;) Today's outfit gets exactly the taste of my boyfriend. Jeans, sneakers and sports shirt is also my favorite sporty look. I hope, you like it.

codzienny strój boho

What is boho? Fringe, colorful fabrics, interesting decoration.
This style stands out and draws attention. I really like boho, but in a "light" version. Casual version.
Blue jeans, blouse with detailing on the shoulders and my favorite pashmina scarf. At the foot, suede leather low-heeled boots with ornaments.
Boho style straight from the street.

wietrzny dzień z narzutą - H&M look

Autumn has just begun. But nothing like this fall, when you do not want to get out of the bed. Warm, sunny days encourage walking and active leisure. The beauty of colorful leaves will delight even the most demanding. Using the weather, I will show you perfect look for warm autumn day. Those in which we can't wear sweater, bacause it's too hot. And for t-shirt only it's too cold. Light kimono fits perfectly then.

simple city - video outfit

Remember my last post "simple city" ? Have you seen the photos? 
Here you have video with the same style! 
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